Sunday, 17 July 2011

Beautiful Flowers arrangement is here..

Are you interested at flowers? On this page I have provided interesting examples of floral arrangements for you.
Some of the most favorite, flower wall decor is ideal for overhead doors, filling and beautifully placed on the frame image.

Among them: -

BD-02 (Velvet Red)

Code BD-02
Size: 85cm X 45cm

Price:From RM40
* Color can be selected
* Ribbon paper Creep - suitable as the theme color flowers.

Code TJ-01
Size:  53cm X 27cm
Price: RM30
* There are a variety of colors

Code: BM-02
Price: RM50 

TJ-08(Yellow Roses)
TJ-08(Pink Roses)

TJ-08(Purple Roses)

Code: TJ-08
Size: 65cm X 25cm
Price: RM40 

Please see the arrangements that I have prepared in accordance with their group ..

Wall of flowers attractive idea to decorate your home, fill the space and beautify the environment, arrangements that will entertain your eyes at home and at office ..
* Size is approximate

Please make the order immediately, please leave a comment, state the name, the code required to flower, color, quantity, and my email for further procedures.
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  1. sy nk tempah bunga dinding berkod BD-02(velvet red)

    1. haris sandora, tolong isikan form CARA MEMBUAT TEMPAHAN ini untuk membuat tempahan.. Terima kasih.. ^_^